Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Pearl Harbor Day

Today is pearl habor day. Please, stop and remember those who paid the greatest price!

Monday, December 6, 2010


We are gearing up for our Holiday Give & Take. Drop off Tues from 1-7 at the Lexington Community Center. New & gently used kids winter clothes and toys. Let's make some holidays BRIGHTER! Free Shopping is Wed & Thurs 9a-8p. SPREAD THE WORD!!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Thursday, November 11, 2010


Rosati's is holding a fundraiser for the Lexington PTO November 11th from 11am-10pm. 25% of dine-in sales and 20% of carry out sales will be given to the Lexington PTO! Rosati's is also providing a memeber of the ZooLady Team from 5-7pm for facepainting. Support the PTO and have a great time! All proceeds will go to the new Playground fund!!!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Rosati's is holding a fundraiser for the Lexington PTO November 11th from 11am-10pm. 25% of dine-in sales and 20% of carry out sales will be given to the Lexington PTO! Rosati's is also providing a memeber of the ZooLady Team from 5-7pm for facepainting. Support the PTO and have a great time! All proceeds will go to the new Playground fund!!!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

What you aren't being told

In our MLS the number of listings taken(units) are only down 5% YTD.  The number of listings taken (volume) is up 9% YTD!

The number of listings sold(units) is only down 15% YTD.  The number of listings taken(volume) is only down 9% YTD!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

All about Lexington: INTEREST RATES!!

All about Lexington: INTEREST RATES!!: "According to loan officer, Jackie Jackson, interest rates are 4.25% for a 30 year loan and 3.75% for a 15 year loan as of today."


According to loan officer, Jackie Jackson, interest rates are 4.25% for a 30 year loan and 3.75% for a 15 year loan as of today.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


kwCares Coat and Blanket Drive.jpg

Monday, November 1, 2010

Lexington Weekly Calendar

  Nov 1 (Monday) 2 (Tuesday)   4 (Thursday) 5 (Friday)  
8:30am FCCLA Field Trip
6pm JH B BKB vs Lexington Invitational Tournament
6pm JH B BKB vs Lexington Invitational Tournament
6pm JH B BKB vs Lexington Invitational Tournament
6pm JH B BKB vs Lexington Invitational Tournament
6pm JH G BKB @ Holy Trinity School
6pm JH G

Friday, October 29, 2010


FREE PIZZA at Kemps Upper Tap tonight after the Playoff game against Flanagan! and of course we are going to WIN!!!  GO MINUTEMEN

Thursday, October 28, 2010


According to loan officer Jackie Jackson, interest rates are 4.375 for a 30 year loan and 3.875 for a 15 year loan.  Looking to buy or sell give me a call!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

All about Lexington: Seasonal Maintenance

All about Lexington: Seasonal Maintenance: " It's getting to be that time of year again where we need to be concerned about Winter maintenance. It's always a good idea, whether you own..."

Monday, October 25, 2010

Lexington Activities for the Week!

25    26 27 28 29 30
6pm JH G BKB vs LeRoy Jr. High
5pm Parent-Teacher Conferences
5pm Parent Teacher Conferences
6pm JH G BKB vs Ridgeview Jr. High
8:30am Purple Pride Assembly
12:45pm Art Field Trip

Friday, October 15, 2010

What you don't hear about our local market!

Did you know that although the Bloomington/Normal MLS is only down 11% ytd  Keller Williams Realty is UP 72% ytd! 

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Rates are Great!

According to Loan Officer, Jackie Jackson, at PNC loan rates are 4.375 for a 30 year and 3.875 for a 15 year.

Friday, October 8, 2010


Kemp's Upper Tap says come up and enjoy some "FREE" pizza after the football game tonight!  Lexington vs Ridgeview for HOMECOMING

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Lexington Homecoming Parade!

For all of those that can make it Lexington Homecoming Parade will be held on Thursday, October 7th at 1pm.  It's supposed to be a beautiful day!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

J.D. Power and Associates AWARD!

For three years in a row, J.D. Power and Associates has awarded Keller Williams associates the distinct honor of "Highest Overall Satisfaction for Home Buyers among National Full-Service Real Estate Firms!"  Go Keller Williams!!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Seasonal Maintenance


It's getting to be that time of year again where we need to be concerned about Winter maintenance. It's always a good idea, whether you own a new home, or a well seasoned home that you familiarize yourself with some seasonal maintenance basics.

  • Remember to disconnect all exterior hoses to prevent pipe bursts due to frozen water.
  • Now is a great time to change your furnace filter.
  • Check the batteries in all smoke/carbon monoxide detectors.
  • Check your downspouts to make sure that they are clear of debris and will be able to properly direct water away from your foundation.
  • Familiarize responsible family members with the gas main valve and other appliance valves.
  • Clean the clothes dryer exhaust duct, damper and space under the dryer.

Interest Rates!

According to loan officer, Jackie Jackson, interest rates at PNC are 4.5% on a 30 year loan and 4% on a 15 year loan.

Lexington Elementary P.T.O.

The PTO shipment of playground equipment came in yesterday!! The PTO donated the following to the school for the kids to use at recess: 6 four square balls, 3 soccer balls, 3 footballs, 2 parachutes, 10 jump ropes and a pump to fill up all the balls. The kids would also like basketballs and volleyballs if anyone would like to make ...additional donations!

Thank you for your support of the Lexington PTO!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Steps you can take to improve your credit score

If you're planning to apply for a mortgage or other consumer loan in coming months, you'll get more offers and lower interest rates with a solid credit score. Here are some tips for improving your score before you apply:
Carefully read your credit reports from all three credit reporting agencies: Equifax and Experian and TransUnion.
Each is legally required to provide one free report per year. You can get yours through http://www.annualcreditreport.com/ .
Check all three reports to make sure personal information such as your Social Security number is correct; every line of credit is actually yours; and payment data is accurate. If you find anything that's incorrect, contact the agency to have it removed. Correcting a mistake that's dragging your score down can make a significant difference.
Make sure all of your loan, credit card and other bill payments are on time. Setting up automatic payments for at least the minimum will ensure that you don't miss future payments.
Pay down your balances. One factor in your score is your utilization ratio, or the amount of available credit you're using. Paying off a substantial portion of your credit card debt may reduce your ratio enough to raise your score and allow you to qualify for a better mortgage rate -- enabling you to possibly save much more than your original debt over the course of your mortgage.
Don't apply for additional credit. Adding a new car loan to your report can temporarily cut 20 points from your score, for instance, so if you're planning on buying a house in the next few months, hold off on seeking any more credit.
Don't close old accounts. Even if you haven't used a credit card in some time, shutting down the account can hurt your score. The length of your credit history factors into in a score, and reducing your available credit will increase your utilization ratio. This information is according to the Daily Herald. 

Monday, September 27, 2010

Lexington School Events for the Week!


4:00 PM
Varsity Golf vs. Fieldcrest at Lexington (El Paso CC)
5:00 PM
HS Volleyball at Fieldcrest
6:00 PM
JV Football vs Leroy at Lexington

7:00 PM
Varsity Football at El Paso/Gridley

10:00 AM
JH Girls Basketball at Fieldcrest Middle School
4:15 PM
Girls Cross Country at El Paso Gridley Invite (Furrow Farm)
5:00 PM
HS Volleyball at GCMS
6:00 PM
JH Girls Basketball at Roanoke-Benson

High School Picture Retakes and Club Pictures
8:15 AM
Senior Group Photo
9:00 AM
Varsity Golf at HOIC Tourney at ISU
2:30 PM
Purple Pride Assembly
3:15 PM-4:30 PM
Computer Club
6:00 PM
JH Girls Basketball vs. Flanagan at Lexington
6:00 PM
HS Volleyball at Tremont

Saturday, September 25, 2010

All about Lexington: Aluminum Cans and Pork Chops!

All about Lexington: Aluminum Cans and Pork Chops!: "Come support your Lexington Boy Scouts and bring your aluminum cans to Main Street this morning! Also, while you are there walk across the ..."

Aluminum Cans and Pork Chops!

Come support your Lexington Boy Scouts and bring your aluminum cans to Main Street this morning!  Also, while you are there walk across the street in front of the grocery store COCU church is selling their delicious pork chops!

Friday, September 24, 2010


The 2011 After-prom committee will be selling Cow Bingo tickets during home football and volleyball games. You can purchase one ticket for $5 or 5 tickets for $20. The Cow event will be held on Friday Oct. 22nd at 5:30 prior to the football game. If you would like to purchase tickets, please contact a junior parent or Bonita Wilson at 365-7361 or 826-3141.

Thursday, September 23, 2010


According to loan officer, Jackie Jackson and PNC, interest rates are 30yr @4.375% and for a 15 yr @4.0%

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

7 Reasons Why NOW is a GREAT time to BUY!

1.  Homes have never been more affordable
2.  Mortgage rates are at rock bottom and won't stay there forever
3.  Prices are trending back up
4.  Lenders are in the game!
5.  Ownership costs are dropping below rental costs
6.  Home Ownership remains at the core of the American Dream
7.  Sellers are Motivated

Friday, September 17, 2010

Current Listings in Lexington

There are currently 22 homes listed with in the Lexington school district.  Price ranges are anywhere from 35,000 up to 624,900.  There are 20 homes that have closed this year and, there are currently 3 homes sale pending. 

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Thursday Interest Rates

According to Loan Officer, Jackie Jackson, at PNC bank in Bloomington rates for a 30 year fixed are 4.375 and for a 15 year they are 3.875 today.  Great time to BUY or SELL!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Sewer Questions & Answers

Sewer Frequently Asked Questions The sewer construction update, on page 1 of this newslet­ter, highlights current construction activities for all 6 divi­sions. I can add to that that progress is very good with few. complaints and great cooperation by everyone in­volved. There Is still much work to be done before we can consider the new sewer system operational. And, many factors will effect the completion schedule. Our contracts specify these completion dates:


Wastewater Treatment
March 1, 2011
plant (WWTP)
Pump Stations
March 31, 2011
Force main between WWTP
March 1, 2011
and irrigation farm
Far west, west and central
June 24, 2011
collection networks
North, south and east
August 23,
Iectlcn networks
Irrigation Site
March 1, 2011
Questions about the connection process, timing and costs are on top of everyone's mind; however, answers can only be our best estimate based on current Information and are subject to change with announcements from the Illinois EPA and decisions made by the City Council in the future.
Thank you to Brad Poppe who submitted a list of questions, on email, that I'm sure everyone has wanted to ask.
Q. Where will my house connect to the new sewer system? A. Bill Elias, Mike Beard and Billy DuBois have located every septic tank In town and talked to many homeowners about the most logical point of connection. Service "T's" are being Installed accordingly.
Q. Who will I be allowed to use (contractor) to do my con­nectlon? Can I connect myself?
A. The City Council will be considering if it's possible to enter Into a contract to connect (aII homes in the corporate limits, with one or more qualified contractors selected by a bid process. Similar to garbage collection. Alternatively, you will be able to use your own contractor or do the work yourself; although you must meet connection specifications defined by City code and pass Inspection by the City and an IIIinois licensed plumber.
Q. How much of the cost to connect my house to the new sewer system will I be responsible for?
A. Plans Include estimated connection costs to average $1,500 per house. This includes the cost of excavation, plumbing and taking the septic tank out of service. The homeowner will be responsible for 100% of this cost. Ef­forts to reduce this cost are ongoing.
Q. Will the city be willing to finance the connection of my house to the new sewer system, or Is there any other low cost financing or subsidies available?
A. These questions are being considered by the CIty Council but, because connections are on private property It poses some challenging questions with respect to using public funds.
Q.  Will there be requirements of contractors connecting to the new sewer system to register with the city?
A. I'm speculating that there won't be a registration proc­ess; however, their may be a connection permit process In order to accommodate timely Inspections.
Q. What Is the anticipated timeline for when homes will begin connecting to the new sewer system?
A. Nothing can be connected before the pump stations and WWTP are completed on or about March 31, 2011.
Q. Will my monthly sewer bill increase as a result of this project? And by how much?
A. Monthly sewer rates can't be calculated until the total project cost Is known. Specification changes on remaining work could impact contracted obligations slightly. I an­ticipate a small Increase as the worst case scenario.
Q. If my septic system Is relatively new on my house, Is It a requirement: for me to connect to the sewer?
A. To comply with EPA loan requlrements and to insure that all pollution discharge violations are corrected aIl homes will have to be connected and all septic tanks will have to be taken out of service.
Q. Is there a deadline by which I must have my house connected to the sewer system?
A. I anticipate that there will be a connection deadline associated with the terms of the IEPA loan agreement but I don't know the date at this time.
Q. How willI know when to schedule a contractor to con­nect my house to the sewer?
A. Stay tuned.
These answers may be helpful In budgeting and planning over the next several months; however, I have to provide the following disclaimer ... Terms are subject to change with notice. All of these questions will be considered by the City Council. I encourage you to talk to the Alderman in your ward with your thoughts, watch the Council Agenda for these topics and check the City web site for updates and changes. It is a very dynamic project with some Important details yet to be determined.
Sincerely, John Mohr Mayor

Sewer Construction Update

Division A - Wastewater Treatment plant
Earthwork and compaction testing continues on berms for Primary, Secondary, and Storage La­goons. Concrete has been poured at Wastewater Treatment plant Building for the wet well and walls for the Blower Room.
Division B - Pump stations
The Wet well and valve vault structures has been Installed at each of the five locations. The plumbing will be completed at a later date.
Division C - 3 Mile Force Main to Irrigation Site
98% of 12" c900 Forcemain has been Installed from the WWTP Pump/Blower Building to the Irriga­tion Site

Division D - Collection Network
Finishing up around grain elevator before harvest. Installing services In Timber Ridge Subdivision. All Far West area gravity sewer Installed.
Division E - Collection Network
Installing 12" near football field/pool area
Division F - Center Pivot Irrigation Equipment
Sunrise Ag has begun preparation for pouring the concrete pads for the Central Pivot Irrigation Units. Waiting for after harvest. Irrigation Sys­tem scheduled to be delivered In late Septem­ber.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Septic to Sewer!

I know many of you realize we are in the transition of moving from septic systems to sewer system.  I will be putting information on my blog later tomorrow that I hope will help answer any questions you might have. 

Monday, September 13, 2010

Lexington Schools

Check out Lexington Minutemen school activities and events at http://www.lexington.k12.il.us/

Lexington IL

I have created this blog to keep you informed on the community of Lexington, IL