Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Sewer Construction Update

Division A - Wastewater Treatment plant
Earthwork and compaction testing continues on berms for Primary, Secondary, and Storage La­goons. Concrete has been poured at Wastewater Treatment plant Building for the wet well and walls for the Blower Room.
Division B - Pump stations
The Wet well and valve vault structures has been Installed at each of the five locations. The plumbing will be completed at a later date.
Division C - 3 Mile Force Main to Irrigation Site
98% of 12" c900 Forcemain has been Installed from the WWTP Pump/Blower Building to the Irriga­tion Site

Division D - Collection Network
Finishing up around grain elevator before harvest. Installing services In Timber Ridge Subdivision. All Far West area gravity sewer Installed.
Division E - Collection Network
Installing 12" near football field/pool area
Division F - Center Pivot Irrigation Equipment
Sunrise Ag has begun preparation for pouring the concrete pads for the Central Pivot Irrigation Units. Waiting for after harvest. Irrigation Sys­tem scheduled to be delivered In late Septem­ber.

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